Substance Use

Pregnancy & Addiction Program

Bluegrass Pregnancy and Addiction Network

Networking behavioral health, family practice and OB care, the Bluegrass Pregnancy and Addiction Network supports pregnant and postpartum women in recovery. We collaborate with hospitals, physicians, medication assisted treatment programs, social services and community agencies to help pregnant women with substance use disorder to receive the treatment they need. Our goal is to ensure all pregnant women and their families receive treatment for addiction with as few barriers and delays as possible. We believe women can achieve recovery and build a strong and stable foundation for their family.


The PRIDE Program provides treatment for pregnant, post-partum and parenting women who are struggling with drugs and alcohol. Treatment is based on the needs of the mother and her family and includes individual and group counseling, education, case management and parenting skills. This program is offered in Fayette County.

Not sure which program is right for you? Contact Bluegrass at 1.800.929.8000 or click here for the online portal.