Vaughn, Overcoming Obstacles

vaughnVaughn  is a man who is proud of what he has accomplished over the last few years. He has overcome many obstacles in his life and he attributes much of his success to
Vaughn doesn't know much about his early life except he was brought up in many foster and group homes. He doesn't know why his family was unable to raise him, but is aware there is a family history of substance abuse. As a troubled young man, Vaughn had many charges filed against him and has spent time in jail. He has also had many suicide attempts and psychiatric hospital stays. He had a stormy marriage, which ended in divorce. He was unable to hold down a job though he tried so many times.
Vaughn began receiving comprehensive care services from in 2006 and was diagnosed with mood and psychotic disorders. He wasn't always cooperative with his treatment but persisted over time and gradually settled into a stable life. His disability insurance makes it possible to have regular medical care.  He now takes his medication regularly and is pleased to come to his therapy appointments.
Initially, Vaughn’s recovery involved many services including frequent hospitalizations at Eastern State Hospital and recurrent outpatient visits to his therapist and doctor. As he recovered, he utilized the Crisis Stabilization Unit to avoid the hospital. Currently, he sees a Psychiatrist, Dr. Woong Park and a therapist, Dr. Patricia Burke, every 8 to 12 weeks at Newtown Counseling Center, to maintain his stability. Vaughn has remarried and he and his wife have learned how to address their differences in a healthy manner. He and his wife also call for an appointment if they can not resolve a conflict on their own. They feel more secure knowing the therapist is available when needed to ward off a crisis.
Vaughn is still searching for a regular, full-time job; however, he stays busy working on the apartment, gathering metal for recycling, and picking up odd jobs. He and his wife volunteer at the Humane Society and they foster cats in their home. They also attend gatherings at Participation Station and find other low-cost ways of enjoying themselves including eating at home and riding bikes. His wife is quick to state: "He is an excellent cook."
In the future, Vaughn would like to share with others what he has learned thanks to He learned how important it is to take his medicine even though he didn't always understand why. He also learned to take responsibility for his behaviors. He is more self aware, can recognize when he is feeling stressed, and calm himself down. Learning to resolve disagreements with his wife is also a critical skill because the future success of his marriage is very important to him.
Congratulations Vaughn!


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