Terry SilversDespite numerous preconceived notions regarding facility-based care for individuals with IDD, many people live full and successful lives while residing in such a facility. Terry is one such man. With the support of his family and the staff who assist him, Terry enjoys a wide variety of activities and experiences that greatly enrich his quality of life.

He is fully engaged in becoming a more rounded individual whether it involves his education, work or play! Education is important to Terry, as he attends programming at the Adult Learning Center each week in Somerset, Kentucky. Terry has been going to the Adult Learning Center for quite some time and is proud of his education. He and the staff share many positive interactions and have built a great relationship.

Additionally, work is an important facet of Terry’s life. He gains satisfaction as well as spending money for his extracurricular activities by working at the Coffee Shop at Oakwood. At the Coffee Shop, he performs a wide variety of tasks including checking out customers and filling orders. It is a treat to go into the shop and be greeted by Terry, who loves to joke around with his customers.

What good is work without play? This is Terry’s philosophy, as he is an avid sports fan - - particularly University of Kentucky basketball. He has attended a great number of games with plans of attending many more as the seasons progresses. In addition, he has made valuable contributions to the Independence Bowling League of which he is a member. Along with his teammates, Terry has participated in Special Olympics for many years. Clearly, Terry is a man who knows what kind of life he wants and is actively pursuing it. Terry is truly an outstanding example for his peers!


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