Ron Kibbey

Most of you know Ron Kibbey and if you don’t, you are certainly missing out! Ron has worked for Bluegrass for over 25 years.  He is currently the Clinical Coordinator for the Clark County Office and is simply known as "the guy who helps people."
In addition to working full-time for Bluegrass, Ron has volunteered for numerous organizations such as YMCA of Winchester, Clark County KY-ASAP, Adolescent Health Advisory Committee, the Clark County Children’s Council and many more. 
While Ron was on the Clark County Children’s Council, he recognized the need for working parents to have safe, after-school childcare options.   As a member of the council and having worked with DCBS for 11 years, Ron often saw parents had no option other than to leave their children home alone after school, which could lead to unsafe behaviors.  Ron was instrumental in working with schools to allow them to serve as a site for after school child care. The council also worked with United Way to secure funding for the program.  One elementary school started a pilot program and has since expanded to include every elementary school in the county.  The program was originally known as Latchkey, but today is Kids’ Karnival.
Ron's actions and contributions to the community haven't gone unnoticed. He was featured in Steve Flairty's Kentucky Everday Heroes 2. Flairty notes, “Fortunately, for the people in the Winchester community, Kibbey has been content to be 'stranded' there for more than thirty-seven years and along the way, has helped significantly changed the landscape of human services in Clark County. In his years of service he has accumulated a healthy dose of experience based wisdom.  In regard to the oft-stated admonition to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”, he has some strong thoughts.  'In theory anyone can do that, but what if you don’t have any boots?' We need to help those people find the boots, to help them remove the barriers to achieving for themselves.”
Check out the video below to hear, in Ron’s own words, how he "cosmically" landed in Clark County.

Get to Know Ron!

Favorite part of working with Bluegrass:

I love the collaboration and working with community partners.  Organizations working together make it better for our community in general and our clients specifically.  That is what, in my mind, makes for community mental health.
Favorite movie:

Everyone who knows me well knows the answer to that one—Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.  Every time it is at the Kentucky Theatre I am there.  (“Here’s looking at you, kid!). 
Most valuable thing I own:

My books and my music.  I am passionate about both and have quite a collection.
Biggest inspirations in my life:

 I could also say they are my heroes:  Gandhi and Martin Luther King.  We can change the world without violence.
Favorite TV show:

has been for years:  Masterpiece Theatre on PBS.
Favorite animal:

well, my dog is at the top of my list.  But I also have a fondness for the buffalo and the giraffe (go figure!). 


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859.255.4866 (fax)


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