Recognizing Cindy Smith
Human Resources Director, Bluegrass Oakwood

Cindy Smith started working at Oakwood in 1983 as a residential associate. She planned to work 2 years, build a house and then stay home to raise her children. Thirty years later, her house has long been complete, her children are grown, she has five grandchildren...and she never left Oakwood.
Her colleagues consider themselves fortunate to know and work with Cindy. "I have been an employee of Oakwood for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of working with Cindy Smith throughout her years of service here at the facility," said Chasity Torres, Shift Coordinator III. "I have witnessed Ms. Smith manage her way through a number of crises and program changes very successfully. She always fulfills her assignments, meets deadlines, and she always stays on top of any new developments. Ms. Smith has worked hard in her career and should be commended for her time and dedication to the clients and staff she has served over the years."
Over time, Cindy saw, firsthand, how she could make an incredible difference in the lives of clients. At that point, she didn't want to leave. Due to her outstanding work ethic, intelligence and determination, she was promoted numerous times throughout the years and has been the HR Director since November 2006. She was also the recipient of the prestigious Walter Gattis, Jr. Award for outstanding administrative employee. 
During my four years at Oakwood, Cindy has been a great help in showing me how to apply my skills and abilities to help support our staff," said Jill Domi, Human Resources Administrative Secretary. "When learning new tasks, she has been both patient and supportive. Her many years at Oakwood, both as Direct Care staff and Administrative staff give her excellent insight in to what our staff deal with on a day to day basis. Using her knowledge of today’s constantly changing rules and regulations, she is able to help her staff present a current, effective and caring resource center to the employees of Oakwood. Heck, she’s even willing to kiss a pig for the March of Dimes!"
Cindy acknowledges her hard work has been responsible for her growth at Oakwood but also states she could not have been as successful without her mentors Shannon Ware and David Phelps. David clearly feels the same admiration for Cindy's work.
"I have had the privilege of working with Cindy Smith for the last six years," he said. "As Director of Human Resources, Cindy Smith is a valuable member of Oakwood’s Management team. The HR Department has one of the most difficult tasks; managing and maintaining the staffing requirements at Oakwood. She handles her responsibilities with a professionalism that never falters. Ms. Smith is a tireless worker. She has shown great listening and problem solving skills when dealing with sensitive personnel matters. Her excellent leadership skills have earned her the trust and respect of her colleagues and staff. She is a valuable member of Oakwood’s management team."
Cindy is proud of the HR Department and its excellent staff.  She currently has no plans to retire. Cindy feels God has blessed her career at Bluegrass Oakwood and she considers the clients and staff part of her working family.
"Cindy’s willpower and determination to see the facility succeed and remain a safe environment with quality care for our residents have been instrumental in this accomplishment," said Jan Dalton, Human Resources Office Manager. "Cindy has brought a sense of pride back to the Human Resource Department and I admire her integrity." 


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