Residential Services is a vital component of the services offered at Bluegrass Oakwood.  This area comprises the around the clock, day to day staff who ensure the services drafted by each client’s interdisciplinary team are carried out.  Residential staff provide direct hands on care for clients from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep.  Staff are involved in teaching clients tasks as elementary as eating, dressing, and bathing up to and including using money, planning trips, and maintaining communication with friends and family.  Staff work in the homes with clients all hours day and night to ensure they most basic needs are met.  They also accompany clients on the vast majority of their trips – be that shopping around town, going out to eat, going to the movies and ballgames, and maybe most importantly back home to visit with family members.  They are often the best friends some clients have and on occasion become a sort of surrogate family.  In addition to the care of the clients, Residential Services ensures each home is well maintained and is as much of a home like environment as possible. 

Mobile Crisis Team:

The pre-admission screening team typically consists of Team Leader/Psychologist (completes a mental status exam, IQ estimation, and gathers the psychiatric information), a Behavior Analyst, Transition Coordinator (traditional case management services) and a Nurse.   Services are provided based on assessment recommendations. 

Day Services: 

We offer several choices for Day Services.  We have an indoor pool and gymnasium for therapy and recreation use.  We coach a variety of Special Olympic events.  We sponsor a Community Bowling League.  We host a variety of recreation events that are open to other agencies.  (Link to Recreation Calendar – updated monthly).  We offer 34 Enrichment Classes:

  Mail route
  Stone Making
  Basic Horticulture
  Arts & Crafts
  Skilled Techniques
  Maid Service
  Community Living
  Food Service
  Functional Artistry
  Distribution Center
  Leather Making
  Stain Glass
  Coffee Shop
  Work Shop
  Wood Shop
  Functional Craftsmanship
  Sound Beam

Supported Employment: 

We are constantly searching for employment opportunities.  We provide Job Coaches as needed.  We routinely monitor each placement and troubleshoot any issues as needed.  We bid on various jobs, typically in the areas of housekeeping, landscaping, and assembly.  We have successfully obtained jobs in banking, manufacturing, shipping/receiving, restaurants, offices, housekeeping, landscaping, gardening, and retail.


The Oakwood Psychology Department is comprised of a talented group of psychologists and behavior analysts who provide a broad array of services for individuals who live at Oakwood as well as for some individuals who live in the community.  At the present time our roster includes two PhDs and seven Master’s level professionals.  In addition to annual assessments we complete “as needed” intellectual and adaptive functioning evaluations, comprehensive behavioral assessments and a number of other assessments.  Based on those assessments, a range of interventions are developed ranging from relatively simple Support Plans which provide supports necessary for the individuals’ basic needs to extensive and detailed Positive Behavior Support Plans designed to teach replacement behaviors and eliminate individuals’ need for challenging behavior.  As members of the interdisciplinary teams, our staff collaborate with other professionals, direct care staff and the individuals who live here to craft treatment plans that will prepare Oakwood residents to live successfully in a less restrictive environment in the community.


Bluegrass Oakwood’s Therapy & Nutritional Services departments are comprised of on site licensed Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Registered Dietitians, Speech Language Pathologists, and therapeutic support staff.  The Therapy Services Department also provides the services of a Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist for individuals with visual impairments and a licensed Audiologist. 

Therapy and Nutrition Services provide specialized care related to physical and nutritional management for individuals with a wide variety of intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The Therapy Services department provides direct skilled physical, occupational, speech, and nutritional services as well as innovative interdisciplinary services related to fitness/wellness and sensory integration.  Nutritional Services provides therapeutic diets as indicated to the individual’s medical and nutritional diagnoses. 

Medical Clinic:

We offer a full array of specialty medical services including General Practitioner, Psychiatry, Dental, Cardiology, Epileptology, Wound Care, Opthalmology, Allergy, Pulmonology, GI medicine, Neurology, Gynecology, Optometry, Podiatry, and Audiometry.



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