Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Bluegrass.org is to assist individuals and families in the enhancement of their emotional, mental and physical well-being by providing behavioral health, intellectual & developmental disabilities and substance abuse services.

We recognize our responsibility to serve those who have limited options for meeting their needs. We plan with our communities, develop innovative programs to respond rapidly to needs and, as appropriate, help influence community priorities to ensure that individual and community service gaps are addressed.

We follow seven principles while implementing our mission:

1 We treat people with dignity and respect.  

2 We believe that people are capable of making progress and change.  

We strive to make our services accessible to all members of the community.  

4 We provide services consistent with the highest standards of care.  

5 We believe that successful response to our clients' needs requires staff with high levels of knowledge, skills and integrity.  

We believe that our status as a private non-profit agency provides us with a unique opportunity to respond to the needs of people at the local level, recognizing that they are most capable of identifying their own needs.  

7 We ensure continuation of services by being responsible fiscal managers.


1351 Newtown Pike
Lexington, KY 40511-1277
859.255.4866 (fax)


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