Employee Awards

Mrs. Hallie C. Shouse served in a continuous capacity with bluegrass.org since its inception until June 30, 1974. She served as the first Board Chair from 1971-1973. Her contributions and efforts toward creating a viable mental health - IDD program in this area were many. The Hallie C. Shouse Award is for an employee serving clients in a clinical or direct care capacity. Employees working in clinical/direct care roles for at least one year are eligible for nomination. Examples include: Inpatient/Outpatient Counselors, Therapists, Program Managers, Residential Clinical Support Staff or Direct Care, Case Manager/Support Coordinator/Service Coordinator, Nurse and Psychiatrist. Nominees should have demonstrated an excellent overall work performance during the past year, dedication to the Boardís Mission and Philosophy, the highest level of competency in delivering care, and serve as compassionate advocates for their clientís needs.

2016 Winners:

Aaron Edgin - Bluegrass
Diane Keith - Oakwood


Mr. Harold S. Berger suffered serious mental illness most of his life. Through his own tenacious efforts and with the continuing assistance of mental health providers, he led a productive professional and personal life. Haroldís younger brother, Philip Berger, a long-standing member of the Board of Directors, created this award in 1998 as away to recognize the efforts of those who work with individuals with mental illness.  

The Harold S. Berger Award is given to an employee who provides extraordinary care for the Severe and Persistent Mentally Ill (SPMI) population. Employees working in a clinical or direct care role with the SPMI population for at least one year are eligible for nomination. Examples include: Inpatient/Outpatient/Residential Clinical Support Staff or Therapist, Case Manager, Nurse and Psychiatrist.The Berger Award recipient demonstrates passion and dedication for providing the best care possible for the SPMI population. Nominees should act as advocates for SPMI needs and deliver care with the highest level of competency.  

2016 Winner:

Dr. Teresa Oropilla-Keifer - Bluegrass


Irene Nooe Award

Miss Irene Nooe was a charter member of the Board, previously serving on the Southern bluegrass.org Board. Miss Nooe was known as a pioneer in the development and implementation of services for the developmentally disabled, and was an advocate for this special population until her death in 1992.  

The Irene Nooe Award recipient exemplifi es long term commitment and dedication to the Boardís Mission and Philosophy. Any employee working for the Board at least *15 years is eligible for nomination. Nominees should act as role models,promote a positive organizational image within the agency and community,motivate others through their dedication and commitment, and embrace change.  

*Former state time will count towards years of service for Bluegrass Oakwood Staff.

2016 Winners:

Christopher Whitsell - Bluegrass
Rozetta Bryant - Oakwood


Rookie of the Year Award

The Rookie of the Year Award is for a new employee who exceeds performance expectations. Eligible employees will have been employed by the Board no longer than two years. Nominees should have made signifi cant contributions to their program or department, demonstrated an ability to adapt quickly to the organizational culture and become an integrated part of their work team and community.  

2016 Winners:

Cory McGlone - Bluegrass
Makayla Chambers - Oakwood


Walter R. Gattis, Jr. Award

Mr. Walter Gattis, Jr. was on the Board from 1974 until 1985. He was an outstanding administrator and a pioneer in Personnel Administration and Management. During this time, he served as Board Chair from 1983-85, Vice Chair from 1982-83 and Human Resource Committee Chairman for many years. His dedication and commitment throughout his years of service to the Board will always be remembered.  

The Walter R. Gattis, Jr. Administration Award acknowledges the achievement of an employee working in an administrative position. Employees working in an administrative role for at least one year are eligible for nomination. Examples include: Clerical Position, Offi ce Manager, Unit/Program/Area Supervisor, Medical Records Personnel, and Regional/Hospital/Facility Administrative Staff. The Gattis Award recipient will embrace the administratorís role of helping others provide the best care possible. Nominees should consistently make sound decisions, utilize a team approach,initiate change when needed and demonstrate strong leadership skills.

 2016 Winners:

Angela Casey - Bluegrass
Randall Dawes - Oakwood


Change Champion Award

This award is presented to an employee who embraces changes and leads organizational efforts to improve. Employees working at Bluegrass.org for at least 1 year are eligible for nomination. Nominees should act as a role model, promote a positive organizationla image within the organization and community, motivate others through their dedication and commitment, and embrace change.  

 2016 Winners:

Phyllis Milburn - Bluegrass
Aaron Epperson - Oakwood


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