Client Success Stories


In February 2011, Anthony “Tony” began utilizing residential supports through the Adult Foster Care Program and has since thrived in all aspects of his life.  Although Tony has faced adversities in life, such as treatment for prostate cancer, he has remained positive. Participating in the Adult Foster Care Program has provided Tony with the opportunity to live in a family environment.  This environment was one that Tony had wanted since losing connection with many of his family members throughout the years.   Tony has developed extended family and friends through his Adult Foster Care Program that provides him with the opportunity to spend holiday and other special occasions with others.  Tony has become a friend to many and feels the positive impact of the natural supports that have been developed.
Tony has excelled and become increasingly independent in the many avenues of his life.  Despite being legally blind, he has worked with his AFC Provider to become more active in daily household responsibilities and has become more independent with activities of daily living.  In addition to daily living activities, Tony’s communication skills have flourished.  Tony’s vocabulary has expanded and he communicates regularly with members of his household as well as friends.  Tony has also become increasingly successful through his artistically based day program.  Traditionally, Tony has enjoyed painting, however he has continued to explore other mediums focused on intricate designs.  As a result, Tony is currently working on several pieces of art, which will be displayed through his own art exhibit.  Over the past several years, Tony has embraced the opportunities for growth and is an inspiration many. 


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