Client Success Stories

Jenna Norton

jenna nortonJenna Norton is a testament to the impact of hard work and increased support opportunities.  Although Jenna has always been a remarkable young woman, she has recently capitalized on opportunities to become a more active and independent member of her community.  Upon accessing services through, Jenna established goals for herself focused on her increasing her knowledge and abilities in the areas of money management, daily living, technology, and education.  Jenna has a dedicated team of professionals and natural supports that assist in giving back to her community.  As a result, Jenna is teaching sign language to children at Calvary Christian School, as well volunteering at a local pregnancy center and nursing home.
Although Jenna has experienced many successes over the past several years, she has also faced many challenges.  Jenna has been challenged with an anxiety disordered that prohibited her from controlling her emotions and coping with life’s obstacles.  Since receiving supports, Jenna has learned to manage her emotions and focuses more on fulfilling her life goals, rather than struggling with the debilitating need to please others.  Jenna has also improved her ability to communicate her wants and needs without being fearful of others perceptions. The desire for a meaningful and independent life, coupled with the team of supports surrounding her has enabled Jenna to advocate and fulfill her life’s vision.

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