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Shawn, Breona, and Kylie

hampton kidsFor children who require out of home care, being placed in a foster home can be overwhelming. Adjusting to a foster family, uncertainty about returning to their birth home, and the prospect of adoption can produce significant anxiety and uncertainty about their future. However, when these children find new, "forever families", it is a success that speaks to the child, foster parents, and agency. In the case of Shawn, Breona, and Kylie, this is such a success story.
Placed in care due to severe neglect, and abandonment the siblings came to TFC in 2009. They were placed with Ms. Kay Poage, who opened her home and heart to provide a loving, stable home for all three. Kay had been a foster parent with TFC since 2007 and had cared for numerous children. With the help of Kay, all three children overcame past trauma and flourished at home, school, and in the community. When it became clear that permanency would not involve them returning to their birth home, Kay immediately expressed an interest in adopting the siblings and worked closely with TFC staff and DCBS staff to start the adoption process.
This March, the adoption was approved and Shawn, Breona, and Kylie (new name “Maggie”) will become a permanent part of the Poage family. When asked how they felt about the adoption, all three children expressed excitement about their new family and being able to stay with Kay "forever." It is with this success story, that we recognize Kay Poage as an exceptional person and the amazing positive change she made in these children’s lives. 



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